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Welcome to our loft conversions in Glasgow website

Most people when faced with a problem of needing an extra room for an office, bedroom or extra room tend to have some sort of extension to their property.

There are various ways to extend your home such as extending the ground floor of the property or even having a conservatory.
However these types of extensions take a considerable part of your outside space like a garden or play area for the kids.
conversion ideasLoft conversions is by far the simplest of extensions, as it uses the space which is already there and not being used. It provides various options to the property, as it can be used for any type of room.
A loft conversion in Glasgow not only adds value of about 20% to your property whatever the intended purpose of the space, but is significantly cost effective and does not impact your front or back garden.
It is incredibly cheaper than moving home and majority of most loft conversions do not require the tediousness of obtaining planning permission.
Most of all it does not take months and months of builders disrupting your lives, as its quicker to complete than other extensions.

  • Do you need extra space in your house and can’t afford to move?
  • Do you need a cost effective and less stressful alternative?
  • What type of extension is best for my property?
  • Is your property suitable for a loft conversion?
  • Do you have a minimum height of 2.3 metres from floor to the tallest part of the ceiling?


Why choose Us
* 10 Years Experience
* Full project management (we take care of everything from planning permission to painting and decorating)
* Tailor made designs (take a look at some of our designs available
* Fixed deadlines (We will set a schedule with you before we start)
* Fixed prices (all prices are quoted up front and brought in on budget)
* All work guaranteed (Enjoy peace of mind with our workmanship guarantee)
* Free survey (100% free survey so you can understand what is involved) 

Planning Permission
Properties in general can be extended up to a certain volume without a planning permit
If your property is located in a conservation area or is a listed building you will need to apply for a planning permit and separate consent may be required. However, if your property falls under these categories you will not need planning permission.
* The height of the loft conversion is not higher than the existing height of the building, this is excluding a chimney
* The loft conversion excluding roof windows is not within the property’s boundary
* The conversion should be no more than the area of ground covered by the property
* No part of the conversion would be on the side elevation or the front of the property, when it faces a road
* Is not a flat, tenement or an apartment

It is always advisable to check with your local council regarding any conversion, as some conversions really do not require planning permission but do need a “Certificate of Lawfulness” should you need to sell your property in the future.
You can contact our team of experienced and highly skilled builders for free advise to understand any issues and queries regarding loft conversions, we are happy to help.

As we are an experienced loft conversions Glasgow company, we bring the experience and skills needed to make sure each loft conversion meets your seal of approval.


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