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Over the years our company, which specialises in Loft Conversions has grown to accommodate the people of Glasgow and the neighbouring counties. Our record speaks for itself, our customers are happy with our work and we regularly gain work with recommendations from their family and friends.

completing a loft conversionWe are a business that strives on perfection and in this climate where house prices are soaring and with stamp duties on an all time high, we as a Loft Conversions Company can make you and your families lives better by creating extra space so you wouldn’t have the high costs of moving home.
 No loft conversion is to small or too big, our service is tailor made for you. Whether its an extra room for an office, an extra bedroom or art studio, or even a play room. What ever it is, the end result will be more than to your satisfaction.

Our team of highly skilled designers will work closely with you to get a complimentary loft conversion which will have a natural extension to your property. With our qualified team you will be guaranteed to have a unique loft conversion like no other.

From beginning to the end of your loft conversion our team will provide you with a schedule of work, which will explain the process, as well as inform you of what is needed or being done. As the process might be exciting as well as tiresome, our team will help make the process a smooth one by making sure you have all the right paperwork, or if your loft conversion needs planning permission or any other relevant information we can take care of this. We will make the process as efficient and with the minimalist of disturbance to you.

Loft conversions are an asset to your home, as they add value, are cost effective and quicker to complete than most extensions. This is what we base our service on and as we have been in the trade for more than 10 years now we can offer an experienced service to put a smile on your face as well as your wallet.

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