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  • Is my property suitable for a loft conversion?


  • There are 3 ways to determine if your property is suitable, this is based on the head height, pitch angle and structure of the building.
    After an inspection of the roof by our team, it will reveal any structure or physical obstructions if there are any.
    Majority of traditional roofs can be converted successfully, even truss rafter roofs.


  • -How much will it cost?


  • For a true estimation on the cost of your loft conversion, why not contact our no-obligation estimation service team. As the cost of a loft conversion varies in price, due to each clients needs and the type of loft conversion.


  • -Does my loft have enough space for a loft conversion?


  • According to building regulations the attic has to have a space no less than 2.3m. This is measured from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist. However, if after an inspection your roof space is not enough you have 2 available options, which are raising the roof or lowering the ceiling in the room below.


  • -Would i need a planning permission for my loft conversion?


  • Any extension or major alteration done to your property does need permission from your Local Planning Authority, some types of loft conversion do not require a planning application. However, we will explain to you in full what is required of you before the project begins.


  • -What type of windows will i need?


  • Every loft conversion requires natural light and ventilation and the best way of getting that is by fixing rooflights that follows a pitch line of a roof.
    This typically does not require planning permission under your Permitted Development Rights. However, most people prefer dormer windows as they give natural light and adds space to any loft conversion, they are also versatile in the sense that they can be fitted at the ends or side.


  • -How long does a loft conversion take?


  • Generally loft conversions take from 6 – 12 weeks depending on the size of the loft conversion


  • -Will there be a problem if i have a water tank or chimney in my loft?


  • We have certified plumbers in our team, that can reposition any plumbing to get your desired space, as well as chimney’s if need be they can easily be removed.


  • -Will you be able to take care of my electrics and heating?


  • We have fully certified and qualified electricians on our team and are readily available should you require their services.



Some further useful information on building regulations, please remember if you require us to we will take care of all the planning permission and of cause we strictly follow all building regulations.

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