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We pride ourselves on being the best loft conversion company in Glasgow.

Every property and individual needs are different, so before we recommend what type of loft conversion your property needs there will be some factors we need to take into consideration.
Factors like how much space is available for the conversion, the height of the roof, which is from floor to the highest part of the ceiling, property style, budget and what is needed etc.
Generally there are 3 main options for a loft conversion 


VELUX03With this type of loft conversion the roof line does not need any structured work, only Velux windows are installed and therefore is the most attractive option to a homeowner
as it means less disturbance and the least expensive.
The installation of the velux windows provides light to the room and due to the fact the roofline is untouched means it does not require planning permission



Dormer window
Is where the roof is extended to the rear generally providing more space and headroom, which would mean planning permission needs to be sought from your local council. This type of loft conversion is quite popular due to it aesthetically enhancing to the property.


Loft Conversion mansard designThis loft conversion involves raising the gable walls and depends on whether your property is detached or terraced, as a 72 degree profile is created for the mansard.
Mansard loft conversions normally requires more construction work than other types of loft conversions, and the result is a great deal of extra living space in your property, whatever your property type. This type of conversion always requires planning permission.


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